Top 5 Online Marketing Tips For Businesses In The UK

1. Conduct Keyword Research for Your WebsiteThe right keywords used effectively will drive traffic to your website. When your target market begins searching on the web they’re trying to solve a problem. Whether they’re looking for the best digital camera or searching for a lawyer, users will normally begin the problem solving process by typing keywords into a search engine or directory. Online Marketing is made easy by using Keyword Research tools like Wordtracker to develop a thorough understanding of what keywords people are using and which ones are the most popular.There are free tools out there but you’ll find the services at Wordtracker more than up to the job of finding the best keywords for your site. There’s more to keyword research than this simple info so start searching on the web for more free keyword research tips and tricks.2. Have Unique Titles and Descriptions for every page on your siteOnce you’ve got your keywords, divide your content up over several pages so each page talks about a different solution that your business covers. Then make sure all your page titles and descriptions are unique on every page. This is a simple yet effective online marketing tip for UK businesses.3. Use your keywords early and oftenAfter you’ve got your keywords for your website pages use them early and often in your copy. Use them in headings (H1-H6), use them in bullet points and make sure all your images have alt tags with keywords. Be careful not to over-optimise your page or stuff it with it keywords. Remember that Google wants to deliver the best possible results for users so use write your copy with the user in mind, first and foremost.4. Start a blogStarting a blog and commit to writing regular keyword rich content about your subject area. Blogs are one of the best online marketing tools to drive traffic to your site. And they’re relatively inexpensive to setup. With persistence and a long term strategy you will reap the benefits of having a blog on your website.5. Write articles and submit them to directoriesWrite about your subject area and help other people solve problems. You will build trust and authority with your target market and get valuable links to your website.Hopefully those 5 UK online marketing [] tips will help you on your way to becoming an online marketing guru. There’s loads of free information on the internet about online marketing so read as much as you can and put the theory into practice.

Find Free Quality Traffic To Your Online Business With 4 Quick Tips

Quality traffic for your online business always outweighs the quantity traffic your website sees. As you may know, quality traffic is buying traffic and traffic that buys means more product sales and more profits for you. Too many marketers focus on the number of leads they collect for their email mailing list versus targeting people who are more likely to be interested in your product, service or business opportunity.When you have the right tools and resources you can hone in on the quality traffic for your online business and stop wasting time with traffic that is never going to buy from you. This means that for those of you in the home based business industry – perhaps internet marketers, network marketers, or affiliate marketers – focusing on the following free traffic tips will help you convert more traffic into sales. Finding a quality stream of traffic is extremely easy when you have the right resources. This way you don’t need as much traffic to get some awesome results.Free Quality Traffic For Your Online Business – Tip #1Capitalize On Facebook. Facebook is the king of content and targeted marketing. Their whole social networking platform is based on grouping people together that share similar interests. You have the ability to target quality traffic for your online business based on the books they read, their education level, down to where they live. Once you learn how to tap into this endless pool of prospects…all your traffic problems are over.Free Quality Traffic For Your Online Business – Tip #2Use Syndication Tribes. Syndication tribes are the ultimate bloggers paradise. A tribe is where you can share your content and have it syndicated or submitted to Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, etc. by others in the group in exchange for sharing a few posts of theirs. It’s the law of reciprocity. You share my content and I’ll share yours on all the social network and bookmarking sites on the internet. Pretty simple concept, but EXTREMELY POWERFUL!In fact this tactic is SO powerful that if you are just getting started online it will help you get tons of quality backlinks AND your blog posts will get shared by thousands of others which will help you build up your daily traffic and leads fast. You can join a syndication tribe for free here to start getting your content shared. I HIGHLY recommend that you take advantage of the paid trial period so you can immediately being to use the auto-syndicate feature. This way you are running on autopilot and you don’t have to worry about manually sharing individual tribe member’s content. You can also have others automatically send out your content each time you publish a post too. I get hundreds and hundreds of shares on the content I create using this tool.Free Quality Traffic For Your Online Business – Tip #3Focus on Forums. With social media being all the rave, forums tend not to get as much credit as they deserve. Sites such as BettwerNetworker and Warrior Forum are great niche specific communities of network marketers, internet marketers and affiliate marketers. These sites get tons of quality traffic and you can find people who are involved in home based businesses, many of whom are just getting started. These sites are excellent for posting content, participating in discussions and connecting with people who are actually looking for some guidance. By posting quality content and posting it as an article you can attract massive traffic as these sites are high authority sites with high pageranks and are popular with Google.Free Quality Traffic For Your Online Business – Tip #4Hypnotic Headlines. What good is it to implement all of these quality traffic building strategies if no one reads your content. Whether you are in a tribe, on BetterNetworker, or posting on Facebook. you must be able to attract targeted traffic and grab peoples attention. Too many people neglect the power of a good headline and even more neglect choosing a keyword that people are actually searching for. You must have a good, descriptive, engaging headline with a targeted keyword phrase that draws people in and makes them want to read more about what you have to say. Don’t you look at the TITLE of the blog post, video or article first before deciding if you want click through to continue viewing?Think about what kind type of people you want to attract with your content. Do you want the kind of people who are serious about building a business from home and genuinely looking to invest money on quality products? I do! Be careful how you craft your headline and before your hit publish, ask yourself if your ideal prospect would click this link.