Reach Top Rankings for Your Legitimate Online Businesses With 3 SEO Tips

It is quite commonplace to see how many people get to number four or five in the search engine rankings and battle to reach number one, no matter how much effort they put into their SEO strategy. It can be really frustrating when you have done everything you think is possible to reach the top in the rankings game but just seem unable to get ahead.Here are some quick tips on SEO tactics that may just help you get to the top:1. Begin with something that is really quite simple but many people just overlook it. Look and see what your competitors are doing and legally “steal” their keywords. Check the keywords they are using in their title tags, anchor text etc. and especially the words they are using that link to their money pages. Some competitors may even include their keywords in their meta data.Remember though, that there are some clever webmasters who could actually use dummy words in their meta data to keep people who like you, are checking out what they are doing off track. Although this might seem a bit dishonest to you because it is called “stealing” you could very well consider it a way of learning. In fact all that you are doing is discovering what they are doing and then doing a better job of it if that is at all possible.2. Take some time to create a list of back-link sources with a high value, preferably from authority site and sites that relate to your online business niche. Adding some high power back-links to your website might be just the thing you need to bump your rankings up those last few notches.To be sure that the links you get are powerful enough to give you that boost then making using a tool such as Linkscape will help you to work out your MozRank. From this you will be able to work out the quality of your incoming links. Other tools sometimes will only focus on the quantity of your links and not the quality. Having this type of information available to you will help you to decide on your next step. If your competitors have better MozRanks than you do then you will need to improve yours.If this is not the case, and they are still ranking above you, then your problem could be your page optimization or not very good anchor texts. Whatever it is, you will need to find out and learn what must be done to improve your SEO strategy to get better rankings.3. Finally, make use of the Google Webmaster Tools and do your own essential diagnostics. Many people make use of 3rd party sources to check out their websites, but at the end of the day not one of these sources will know more about how the search engines are seeing your website than Google will.At the very least you should be sure that you have submitted a sitemap and if there are duplicate descriptions and tags then fix them. Check whether or not you are creating any issues for the spiders, if there are any 404 pages and you can even tell Google how to index your images.Using these tactics will add tremendously to any SEO strategy and could be just what your legitimate online businesses websites require to reach the top of the search rankings.